It is true, you are not going to find another pet treat as good as Pet Center Natural Dog Treats, so why not carry them! We make it very easy for all types of stores, including eCommerce, to start selling our products quickly. We have a wide variety of treats available, including Chicken endorsed by the ACA, Beef, Lamb, Duck, Pork, Beef Jerkies, and Raw Hide Products to name a few. Application is simple, just follow the link and fill out the form!

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Health Concerns

All of Pet Center's all natural dog treats are produced at Pet Center, Inc. owned & operated factories, either in the USA or China. Being that we produce all of our own products, we are in complete control of every product from the time we purchase the raw materials until the finished product is shipped from our Los Angeles based warehouse.


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Beef Products

We have some of the best Beef Treats available. Click here for our beef dog treats.


Chicken Dog Treats

Our premium Chicken Dog Treats are sure to become your pet's favorite.



Duck Dog Treats

Do you have a finicky dog? Try our Duck Dog Treats and see how your dog loves them.